About Us

King Laird, P.C. is a general practice law firm serving residents in Montgomery County, Chester County, Bucks County, Berks County, Delaware County, and Philadelphia County in a variety of legal subject areas. Because we engage in general practice, it is our philosophy to protect our clients in all matters involving their family or business.



  • Corporations
    “King Laird assisted us with contract preparation, review and finalization. They provided complete non-competition, non-solicitation agreements as well as many other documents needed to protect the integrity of our company. They also helped with our recent acquisition and provided the Stock Purchase Agreement, Pledge Agreement, Promissory Notes, and other related documents. We view them as a business partner and necessary part of our team.”

  • Corporations
    “When I came to King Laird for estate planning they suggested I bring in my corporate records to be reviewed at no cost. I am glad I did! I was not in compliance with Pennsylvania law and if I got sued my wife and I would have been subject to personal liability. We're glad to be a client of King Laird.”

  • Corporations
    “King Laird established my S-Corporation. My accountant offered to help me but after I spoke with Mr. Laird I realized my accountant was just going to file papers and provided the necessary documents to ensure compliance with the law. King Laird got my company started quickly and I have been going strong for the past 4 years! Recently I needed financing and the bank officer was impressed with the corporate records maintained by King Laird. All the documents I needed were there, and according to the bank officer, "this never happens". In his words, "you have a good lawyer!". If you are starting a business I highly recommend King Laird.”

  • Corporations
    “Mr. McGuckin assisted us in a shareholder dispute. He was on the ball when it came to documentation and helped us reach an amicable resolution without the need for court intervention. We were able to move forward and get on with our business – Mr. McGuckin knew this was important and ensured our business was disrupted minimally. The Agreements and corporate compliance documents were completed quickly! The entire staff worked as a team to ensure our success.”

  • Corporations
    “When our business got sued we immediately turned to King Laird. They set up our company and ensured each year we remained compliant with the law. We were successful in the litigation and thank the attention to detail and comprehensive representation we received. From the initial response to the suit, through depositions and discovery, all the way to the completion of trial, Mr. Laird was a true professional.”

  • Bankruptcy
    “Mr. Rentschler handled my bankruptcy. I felt horrible and didn't like the stigma of bankruptcy, but Mr. Rentschler explained to me it's benefits in my financial situation. He was kind, considerate, thorough, and analytical of my situation. I am relieved to have a fresh start. Being embarrassed, nervous, and scared, Mr. Rentschler set me at ease and I am thankful for his help.”

  • Wills and Trusts
    “The team at King Laird is priceless. I met with Andrew for my initial estate planning conference. He was very thorough and explained each and every document to me, the Will, Health Care Power of Attorney, Durable General Power of Attorney, and Living Will. I received drafts the next day and called Dana who assisted in some minor changes. At my second appointment, Andrew was unavailable so I met with Tom. Like Andrew, Tom was very thorough and reviewed the documents with me. He answered my questions and I was impressed with the knowledge. Honestly, I looked at legal zoom and found King Laird's rates to be in line and reasonable. I would have made a mistake if I didn't come to King Laird. Thank you for your compassion and time. Overall I met with the attorneys about 2 hours and talked with Dana for about 30 minutes. They charged a flat fee and when they said it included all their time, witness and notary fees, they weren't kidding! I'll recommend King Laird to my family and friends”

  • Wills and Trusts
    “My wife and I have a complicated estate. Art was very detailed and provided complex, major estate planning. As professionals, my wife and I interact with many high level executives. Art and the staff at King Laird displayed many if not all of the attributes of the executives we interact with. Art prepared our documents timely and my wife and I were impressed with the detail and content. Art explained tax consequences and we are satisfied that our estate will be preserved for our children. We recommended King Laird to 2 of our friends and understand they had similar experiences. Great job!”

  • Wills and Trusts
    “Mr. King assisted with our daughters special needs trust. We feel at ease this important planning is completed.”

  • Estate Administration
    “Mr. King and Dawn are tops in estate administration! I met with Mr. King, probated in Norristown, and did little if anything until the finalization of the estate. Both Mr. King and Dawn kept me informed and dealt with every aspect of the administration. I received copies of all correspondence sent and always had my questions answered. My mother's estate was very complicated with trusts, brokerage accounts, and out of state real estate. I had no worries or concerns and was very thankful to have such great legal guidance.”

  • Estate Administration
    “My accountant said I didn't need a lawyer, they said they could help me with my Dad's estate. They were wrong. They never did or told me to file required notices and documentation. When the Department of Welfare contacted me and my accountant tried to "dance" around the issue, I called King Laird. Mr. Laird was helpful, knowledgeable, and most importantly did not make me feel like a fool. They finalized my Dad's estate and set me at ease. My accountant charged more than $5,0000 and I was doing all the work, there fee was usurious. King Laird is truly a professional organization who knows what they are doing.”

  • Estate Administration
    “I thought I could administer my mother's estate on my own, wrong! I came to King Laird with a lot of false facts regarding fees and costs. Mr. King explained everything to me and was very thorough. I didn't realize the personal liability I had created for myself. Dawn and Mr. King were the absolute best to work with. I could have never completed the administration like I thought. I returned to King Laird after my father passed, without hesitation. If you have suffered a loss, call King Laird, they will administer the estate effectively, efficiently, and allow you to get back to your normal life.”

  • Personal Injury
    “Getting in an auto accident was very scary. I found King Laird in the yellowbook and interviewed several other firms. Bob was thorough and asked many questions other attorneys didn't seem to care about. Bob not only had an interest in my case but interest in my health and injuries. He took the time to work with me and was very responsive. Bob negotiated a full settlement for my injuries. I don't wish an accident on anyone but if asked would recommend King Laird for representation. The staff was great. Everyone was friendly and I truly believe they enjoy helping people like me. Thank you.”

  • Sexual Assault
    “Being charged with Rape was terrifying and life changing. From the beginning Andrew worked with me, taking his time to review all the documents, investigate the witnesses, and most importantly keeping me up to date with what was going on. The entire staff at King Laird was helpful, compassionate, and really cared about me as a person and my case. Andrew displayed professionalism, knowledge, and a true understanding of the facts. He did an excellent job, from selecting the jury to presenting the case. I am thankful I used King Laird. I was found not guilty on all three charges.”

  • Drugs
    “I got charged with possession of paraphernalia and possession with intent to deliver. Tom fought zealously and did not back down when it came time for trial before a jury. NOT GUILTY! Thanks Tom!”

  • DUI
    “Unfortunately, I recently got my 2nd DUI. I called King Laird and Andrew was very quick to respond. He explained to me what options were available and kept me up to date and provided me with realistic expectations. Despite it being my 2nd DUI he navigated me through the system and avoided the harsh penalties I was facing.”

  • Family Law
    “I choose King Laird to represent me in my Divorce and Custody from a friends recommendation. Tom was very thorough, analytical, and was genuinely concerned for my best interests. He was well prepared and kept me informed and most importantly educated during the entire process. The staff was extremely friendly and when Tom was not available there was always someone to help.”