Will, Trust, and Estate

estate_will_trust_montgomery_countyEstate planning includes preparation of your Last Will and Testament, Durable General Power of Attorney for Financial Matters, Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare, and Living Will. Our offices charge a flat fee for the preparation of these documents which include all attorney interaction, correspondence, witness, and notary fees. In addition to basic estate planning, our offices have assisted many clients with comprehensive major estate planning associated with estates in excess of the Federal Inheritance Tax limits. We often work with our clients accountant and financial advisors to ensure their goals are achieved.

Estate planning, in general, refers to the route of organizing and arranging an estate so that it can be disposed of according to the desires and objectives of upon your passing. A careful and appropriate estate plan removes uncertainties over how the estate is administered and dispersed in addition to maximizing the estate’s value by reducing tax liabilities and other expenses. Guardianship of minor children, beneficiaries, powers of attorney, and other important designations are provided for in estate plans.

If you or someone you love needs estate planning, it is in your best interests to seek the professional legal services of a knowledgeable attorney who is knowledgeable in all the legal aspects, tools, and documentation of estate planning. To discuss your concerns, needs, and have your questions answered regarding estate planning contact our offices. Our attorneys will focus on your wishes, providing personalized service with the highest ethical standards at affordable rates.