Estate Planning

estate_planning_montgomery_countyPreparation of standard wills, with or without Guardianship and Trusts for Minors, Durable Powers of Attorney and Declarations are all performed on a flat fee basis for each document prepared. More detailed planning, including Revocable and Irrevocable Inter Vivos Trusts, Life Insurance Trusts, etc are handled on a time basis at reasonable rates.

A well executed estate plan can help maintain family harmony and avoid considerable expense. Estate planning encompasses more than property distribution upon death. Although this is an important step in ensuring a person’s final property is distributed according to their wishes, Estate planning also encompasses health care declarations, appointment of Power of Attorneys (both health care and financial) and providing for minor children.

Without an Estate Plan many legal questions can arise including: Who is entitled to the estate? Who will take care of the minor children? Who may make health care decisions during incapacitation? Who may take care of the financial affairs during incapacitation?

Estate planning enables a person to name individuals they would like to leave property to at the time of their death. Additionally, taxes due as a result of property transfer can be minimized with proper planning. Every Estate plan is unique and customized to the needs of the client. Some Estate plans may include a transfer of assets between living persons or various types of trusts to ensure the wishes of the client are met.

Estate plans should be reviewed periodically and changed if any events have occurred which would affect any wishes one may have.