Corporate Compliance Services

corporate_compliance_montgomery_countyIs your corporation at risk? Have your actions as an officer placed your personal assets at risk? Without proper adherence to corporate compliance and governance issues your company may be at risk. The attorneys at King Laird, P.C. are able to lend practical advice and solutions for your corporate compliance and governance matter.

No matter what the legal relationship between a parent company and its subsidiary, their functional relationship may determine parental liability. Our attorneys will review your corporate structure and records and analyze the legal relationships between companies to determine if your corporate structure and records are in compliance with current rules and regulations.

Additionally, we will evaluate officers’ roles within the governance structure to bring to light any possible areas of vulnerability and establish strategies to protect directors from shareholder lawsuits.

Anyone in the corporation who supervises employees, either directly or indirectly, who has violated the law, can be held liable for that employee’s actions. This is known as the Responsible Corporate Officer Doctrine. To reduce this risk we will analyze all reporting structures and training programs to ensure possible liability does NOT occur.

Why is creating and Implementing a Compliance Program critical to your corporation?

The answer is simple; it is the best method of preventing and discovering violations of law. Should punishable activity occur, documented evidence of an active compliance program often results in leniency by the courts and could lead to reduced monetary and criminal penalties. While having a policy in place is sound practice nothing protects your corporation like skilled legal professionals. The attorneys at King Laird, P.C. are ready to put their vast legal experience to work for you. There are things your business can do to insulate itself and avoid potential cost and litigation in the future. Contact King Laird, P.C. to learn more about your Corporate Compliance Services today.