Corporate Law

corporate_law_montgomery_countyOur law firm is experienced in representing clients in the areas of corporate law, including organizational structuring, drafting of agreements (including purchase/sale agreements, employment agreements, licensing agreements, and agreements for other commercial transactions), intellectual property protection (including trade/service mark registrations), business transition and succession planning.

1) Formation of Businesses: We have assisted clients in the formation of new businesses, restructuring and reorganization of existing businesses; as well as businesses dissolution and successions. Additionally, we can assist with the drafting and review of contracts as well as advise and represent clients in contract negotiations. With start up businesses we provide complete information and all necessary forms for hiring, administering and termination of employees. We prepare employment and subcontractors agreements with confidentiality, non-disclosure and non-compete provisions.

2) Continued Representation and Legal Counsel: Our offices provide on-going legal advice and counsel to assist with questions which may arise during day-to-day operations as well as keep you advised as to changes in Pennsylvania Business Corporation Law which may affect you. We keep you current and in compliance with Pennsylvania Business Corporation Law protecting you from personal liability associated with “piercing the corporate veil”

3) Sale and Purchase of Establish Businesses and Franchises: Our offices have assisted many clients in the purchase and sale of businesses, whether a franchise or independent entity, we can assist in achieving your goal. We have experience in drafting, Asset Purchase Agreements, Stock Redemption Agreements, Pledge Agreements, as well as other documents required to successfully complete your transaction.

4) Drafting of Agreements, Contracts, and Document Review: We work with clients in drafting and negotiating contracts that protect your business interests. Contracts can be job specific, vendor specific or employee related and may include Subcontractor Agreements, Covenants Not to Compete, Licensing Agreements, Franchise Agreements (both drafting and reviewing), etc.

5) Employer/Employment Relations: Often we are asked to advise clients concerning labor and employment issues, human resource matters, board of directors and related corporate documentation.

6) Litigation: If your business encounters contract disputes or any other legal dispute, our offices are available to help. We have experience in litigating business dissolution (both voluntary and involuntary), breach of employment restrictive covenants, preliminary and permanent injunctions, and other complicated and non-complicated business disputes.

7) Collections: Do you have outstanding receivables or uncollected client accounts? We are experienced in debt collection and the enforcement of Judgments. We can assist you in evaluating your situation and provide you with a practical solution related to collections for both contract and non-contract claims.

Contact our offices for a consultation to review your Corporate Records to ensure compliance with Pennsylvania Business Corporation Law.