Real Estate

real_estate_montgomery_countyCommercial Real Estate

Whether you are buying or selling Commercial Real Estate you have specific goals and desired outcomes. For example, as a buyer, you want the optimum value, site and space. As a seller, you can’t afford any interruptions; therefore, anticipate an easy sale and the maximum money for the sale. Our attorneys at King Laird, P.C., act as an advocate for you and will focus on your specific goals and desired outcomes to satisfy your goals. As an advocate for the the buyer or seller, we put in order the many documents required to successfully complete the transaction. We actively participate in negotiations; review all documents to ensure that they are drafted so as not to leave room for conflict; work closely with your Title Insurance company; and attend settlement to ensure the transaction completes with ease.

Our goal is to make certain that you are fully informed and there is no confusion, conflicts, or surprises after the transaction is finalized.

We work for you to ensure that:

  • There are no judgments against the seller that could attach to title or property.
  • There are no conflicts with applicable zoning restrictions and your intended use of the property.
  • You understand the entire agreement and what you are purchasing.
  • Marketable title is passed on to you.

King Laird P.C., has assisted many individual and business clients with their commercial real estate transactions. Before you sign any documents or present any documents, contact our offices to assist you to ensure your are protected.

Residential Real Estate

Perhaps one of the biggest decisions you may make is buying a home. Typically, this is the largest purchase an individual will make in their lifetime and many times real estate is the majority of most people’s estate. Protect your investment by allowing King Laird P.C., to assist you with your transaction. Typically, our offices charge a FLAT FEE which is paid at settlement.

Our attorneys at King Laird P.C, will:

  • Fully explain the Agreement of Sale and Sellers Disclosure and answer all your questions
  • Suggest changes to the Agreement of Sale that will protect you
  • Assist you in obtaining title insurance and a comprehensive title report which we will review to identify and review any Exceptions, giving you full disclosure and knowledge of any easements, restrictions, licenses, or any other potential problems with the property
  • Attend settlement, reviewing all documents prior to and/or at the settlement table with you. Many times settlement takes place in our offices for convenience of all parties involved.

If you are considering buying or selling residential real estate, contact our offices to discuss your specific transaction prior to signing or submitting any documents.

Commercial Landlords and Property Management

Having trouble with tenants? Are they delinquent with rent, failed to pay assessments, too many complaints from Home Owner Associations for failing to comply with the recorded Declaration or Rules and Regulations? King Laird P.C., can assist you with collections and eviction proceedings.

In addition, we can assist commercial landlords and managers of shopping centers, shopping malls, property managers, and commercial tenants with the following:

  • Preparation and drafting of leases
  • Reviewing existing as well as proposed
  • Eviction proceedings in both District Court and Common Pleas Court
  • Collections of past due rents, including bank and wage attachments
  • Filing necessary documents to lift bankruptcy automatic stays


Needing Help with an Eviction?

Evicting a tenant who has failed to pay can often be difficult. Often, landlords attempt to evict tenants with legal assistance without following legal procedures causing delays and greater loss of rental income. King Laird P.C., is experienced in these proceedings and can assist you, ensuring compliance with the landlord tenant laws.

Our attorneys will:

  • Review your lease to determine what rights you and the tenant may or may not have
  • Prepare and send the notice to vacate if not waived in the lease agreement
  • File a Landlord/Tenant Complaint in the appropriate Court ensuring proper jurisdiction
  • Negotiate pre-trial, attend hearings, and advocate for your rights at trial
  • Timely file for possession in the event tenants do not voluntarily vacate
  • Represent you on appeal in the Common Pleas Court should the tenant appeal the District Justice decision

In addition to the above, we assist in the preparation of leases, including but not limited to, lease/purchase agreements, monthly leases, and term leases. As your advocate, we counsel you with regards, you and your tenants rights, obligations, and all related matters pursuant to the lease and Pennsylvania’s Landlord Tenant Law.

Our attorneys at King Laird, P.C., are experienced and available to assist you with your landlord/tenant matters. Call to schedule an appointment to discuss general representation, collection or eviction proceedings.