DUI Charges

dui_defense_montgomery_countyArrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI)? As you are aware, the penalties for such charges can be severe; however, there are many options available to you which can minimize your impact with the criminal justice system.

Our law firm has qualified attorneys who can assist you with:

  1. A.R.D.; I.P.P.; and other programs which you may qualify for;
  2. At least 20 possible challenges which can be made to the DUI charges facing you;
  3. Working with the Officer/Trooper before your Preliminary Hearing to reduce charges;
  4. Working with the District Attorney at the Common Pleas Court level;
  5. Analyzing your facts and presenting a realistic approach and outcome of your defense;
  6. Expungement of your arrest to ensure a clean record in the future.